Nursery Rhyme for Techno-Industrial Society

Destroy your smart phone. Return to tradition.
Let this be your terminal network transmission.

It spread like a blessing, it lifted the curse;
we shall not forget it, this beautiful verse.

The simplest prayer, so easy to say:
“Now you are free, throw your smart phone away.”

In twos and in threes, we gathered to meet,
And we took the good news to the town and the street.

I went to a stranger, we met face to face
I said take out your phone, take it out of its case.

You can be free, your life can be your own.
Join us, my friend, and cast down your phone.

He started to smile; he had ears to hear.
He could tell by our warmth, there was nothing to fear.

He threw down his phone, and it cracked and it broke,
and we told him this prayer, and his spirit awoke.

We piled up the phones, we buried them deep;
We put every laptop and server to sleep.

We all joined together, a jubilant crowd,
And out came the sun, and away went the cloud.

The screens all went dim as we gave up our wealth;
We found treasure in heaven, we glowed with new health.

The price was just right, any person could pay.
Cast down your phone, say this prayer and obey.

We fled from the cities, let skyscrapers fall,
and we loved one another, and we let progress stall.

I sang the old songs, and I lived on the land,
not by means of my tools, but by strength of my hand.

We found the old gods, built an altar and throne;
now atone for your sins, now destroy your smart phone.

Our ritual spread over all of the earth,
friend to friend, peer to peer, as a kind of rebirth.

Never tame lightning, never forget:
To build a machine is a horrible debt.

Smash your TV, and turn out the light.
Behold what’s before you, let your night be as night.

Technology kills you, so learn to let go.
We won’t build it again, since we know what we know.

When ideas take on a life of their own,
they turn into demons, and spread through your phone.

Return to your home, to soil and blood,
Break every rainbow, pray for a flood.

Focus on Yellowstone, sing her this rhyme:
We can end it right now; it can end for all time.

4 Replies to “Nursery Rhyme for Techno-Industrial Society”

  1. “Behold what’s before you, let your night be as night.”
    I don’t know why but this phrase, in particular, struck me. Time is seemingly never broken up life, with computers and electricity. It always feels like my life is one endless, undifferentiated stream of consciousness, and I can’t remember the last time I felt like it was truly… night.

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